Red Panda Network

Red Panda Network (RPN) is an autonomous organization, governed by an independent board, dedicated to red panda and its conservation. It was established in 2006 with a mission of conserving red panda and its habitat and a vision of global networking for red panda conservation and promotion of global interest in its conservation. RPN is registered with the Government of Nepal and is affiliated to the Social Welfare Council.

RPN educate people about red panda and generates interests in them. The aim of RPN is to preserve red panda as an indicator of a healthy mountain ecosystem. RPN is committed to red panda conservation through research, community education and networking in Nepal. RPN conducts and promotes scientific research on red panda, involves community in red panda monitoring and educates them about relationship between red panda and human and highlights the importance of community involvement and stewardship in red panda conservation.


Red panda and its habitat are endangered due to conversion of forest to farms and pastures and by over-grazing. RPN creates alternatives that increase the probability of survival of red panda in the wild.

Our Vision

Partake, Preserve and Protect Red pandas through science-based and community approach

Our Mission

Save red pandas, save their habitat

Our Strategy

  • Exploration and understanding of ecological information
  • Research and monitor red panda population in a community approach
  • Educate the community 
  • Help adopt conservation friendly practices